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The web. Redesigned. Simplified. Amplified

Using Akero Veb, you can take advantage of every ail found on the web. View rich websites, watch HD videos, and browse like you have never browsed before. With Veb you can View a page, Bookmark a page, and even Email a page off to a friend. No skills required.


Vebzy, an artificial web assistant, warns you if there is any trouble loading a website, if there are new updates, and if Veb detects any virus on a website.

Why Veb

Veb is an advanced desktop web browser, it can fully load web pages with an average of 0.65 seconds. Veb is built in with Vebzy, a virtual humble assistant which assists you in everyday tasks. Veb is developed on top of a "Super Charged" web-kit engine designed by microsoft for incredible speeds. Unlike IE8, Veb uses a new unified URL feature, where it specifically recognizes whether you intend to browse a website or search something.

Veb Portal - iOS

Akero Veb is now available for iOS. Akero Veb Portal is a slimmed down version of Veb 1.2 for a simpler web experience on the go. With  Twitter integration, eMail, and hardware gestures. It's truely a simple and pleasent experience. Akero Veb Portal is available for free at the Apple App Store.

Aero Glass

Veb is built with aero glass, a form feature which, if you are using windows vista and above, will make Veb's form design clear, showing your wallpaper as a background.

Got a small screen? No problem! with Veb 1.2 you can now instantly switch to full screen* mode by pressing the hot key (F11).

Full Screen

Instantly search the web or type in a web address with the unified URL bar.

Unified URL

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Download Veb-Portal http://bit.ly/VebPortaliOShttp://bit.ly/VebPortaliOSshapeimage_5_link_0
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