Akero Veb


The web. Redesigned. Simplified. Amplified

Using Akero Veb, you can take advantage of every ail found on the web. View rich websites, watch HD videos, and browse like you have never browsed before. With Veb you can View a page, Bookmark a page, and even Email a page off to a friend. No skills required.

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Download Veb-Portal http://bit.ly/VebPortaliOS
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Akero Skriv

Skriv is a simple and intuitive word processing app packed with plenty of great features to help get your writing done. With its built in web browser, you can instantly search the web for information regarding your assignment or note. When you are all done you can instantly share your document either as an email, an attachment, by uploading it to Dropbox, Box, or Evernote, sending it as a text, printing it via air print or just sharing it with your friends.