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Note Reminder
Skriv Library
iCloud, Share, and Export

Let’s say you have a big paper to write on Planet Mars and you are not near any computer to research and write a rough draft. Instead of constantly switching between the built in Notes app and Safari, you can easily use one app for both. With Skriv’s built in web browser, you can instantly research the web for information. You can then copy that information and paste it into the built in Writer.

Let’s say you have a 9000 character multi-paragraph assignment to write and you are not near any computer to do so. Just pull out your iPhone and use Skriv to write your assignment. Since Skriv shows the character count of the document, you can easily keep track of the limit. In addition, you can create as many notes as you want.

Add, delete, share, and manage all your notes from one place. The Skriv Library also allows you to see a quick thumbnail of your note.

Remind yourself about an important note with Skriv’s Note Reminder.

Skriv syncs your settings and notes across all your devices with iCloud Once you are done with your note/document. You can instantly export it as a PDF or TXT file, upload it to Dropbox, Box, or Evernote. You can also email it, post it on Facebook, iMessage/Message it, and AirPrint it to your local wifi printer. Skriv’s new sharing options are a great feature to have.

Why you’ll love Skriv

With Skriv you can research, write, and share your notes with today’s leading cloud services. In addition, Skriv syncs your notes across all your devices with iCloud. Note Reminder reminds you about important notes you have. With Smart Delete, you never have to worry about losing your notes. Switching to Skriv is easy, and free! Download it today in App Store.